It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves

Sleep disorders, without doubt, is one of the worst things that could happen to a person but this is only after cancer and some other incurable diseases. Most of us would agree on the fact that getting the perfect rest needed for tomorrow's activity is the surest thing we want to have especially after we have busied ourselves with our daily strenuous jobs or professions.

I once had the experience of working to an extreme fatigue in my office during the daily hours and when I went home I slumped over on my bed without caring to make dinner for my family, taking a warm bath or even kissing my children goodnight. I just slumped on my matrimonial bed and I woke up feeling so much relaxed the next morning. Although I had to apologize for my shortcomings to my disgruntled husband and annoyed children the next morning, I realized then the importance of having a contented sleep.

Now, what about a case in which someone is unable to sleep even after being a workhorse at work, well that is scary to think of. Given the fact that I know what it means to be a workhorse and recover my strength back on my sweet bed but, in the case of people who don't it is sure a pitiful thing for them. I had a friend named Frances who told me about her shortcoming she said for two days from that time we spoke she had been unable to get a sound sleep and it really bordered on her daily activities.

I was shocked at the news and then I decided to dig up on what can actually make a sound person lose a valuable time of night rest without having to be sick and then I stuck the mine, my research showed me that it was a sleep disorder. Well, that doesn't sound right, this was what is thought initially but after a constant dig up and research into the subject, I was able to get my facts right.

A sleep disorder can be defined as those conditions, which is sure to impair a person ability to fall asleep or to get a standard good night rest. The condition can arise from a numerous range of factors and it could be as a result of the person's habits, the person lifestyle habits, psychological problems or even from some medical conditions which need serious attention. Thus when a person wakes up during the day not feeling well rested it could be as a result of a sleep disorder.

The sleep disorder can have a grave effect on the health of a person if it is allowed to persist for long. There are many factors which we all border on which we believe can cause sleep disorders and they range from snoring and sleep apnea which we know can be treated with anti-snoring devices which can be gotten from this site , there is also the sleepwalking, insomnia, the restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy and many others which we can mention.

A sleep disorder can affect our health in negative ways and there are symptoms of which one would show to show that he has a sleep disorder syndrome and these symptoms depend on the sleep disorder as well as the severity of the disorder. The many symptoms of this range from moderate to severe and it is usually as a result of hypothermia, which is excessive sleeping the during the day and insomnia which is the inability to fall asleep.

The person who has sleep disorder has an unhealthy sleep or unrestful sleep and the person normally ends up coming awake at night either because of sleep apnea, restless legs, sleepwalking or as a result of constant nightmares. Science says a normal sleep cycle has two main classes which are the Rapid Eye Movement or REM and the Non-Rapid Eye Movement also known as Non-REM. The REM is a sleep where the person has his eye muscles relaxed as the eyes are closed and try to fall into deep sleep, in this stage the person is still conscious of his environment and he is likely to come awake when he feels like.


The Non-REM which is the rapid eye movement is a stage where the person falls into deeper sleep after the person has passed the stage of the REM sleep. The Non-REM is divided into four levels and they are the light sleep stage to the deep sleep stage. The Non-REM is a sleep level where the person is not conscious of his environment anymore and in this stage, the person is likely to dream, sleepwalk, experience sleep apnea or snore more deeply.

Science reports that everyone needs to sleep according to his age of growth, which is we all differ in the amount of time we ought to sleep. In the case of children, science says they need a period of nine hours sleep for them to have their bodies function normally like the normal times. Babies also need a good time to sleep and they need to get as much as 16 hours sleep a day for them to grow up healthily. The adult needs about a quart of 5hour to 10 hours sleep for his body to perform best.

Insomnia is a case of sleep disorder and depending on its severity could lead to sleep deprivation. Insomnia is the inability of one to fall asleep or maintain sleeping. Many people during their habitual living would have a sort of difficulty falling asleep often. This sometimes could not be much of a problem as we can experience insomnia just because of worry or anxiety over some things, it could as well just be a case of hypothermia but if it repeatedly continues even after there is no reason to worry or get excited about then there is a need to check in with the doctor.

A study made on insomnia suggests that about one-fourth of Americans experience insomnia often, while the insomnia they experience is not serious but due to the factors which may proceed from life matters, only a few people actually encounter insomnia problems that need medical intervention.